Concrete Cutting & Coring

Concrete Coring Northern California

Since concrete is one of the most durable building materials, diamond tools need to be used to get through it. We specialize in Core drilling. Core drilling is performed when precise, circular diameter cuts are needed. We can drill Holes up to 36″ in diameter virtually to any depth. Core drilling is used for plumbing, electrical, HVAC installations, etc. Core drilling can be performed in steel reinforced concrete slabs, walls, brick, block or even stone. Our operators have performed coring on every type of structure and complex situations such as upside down core drilling, hand held coring, dry core drilling, line or stitch drilling, etc. Our crews are prepared to complete your project in the safest most efficient way possible.
Concrete coring company in the bay area
Our Concrete Cutting operators work in tandem with our Concrete Scanning technicians and posses a unique knowledge of both GPR and Post-tensioning. Using this expertise and a “team-work” approach, our staff can minimize the risks to any damage to embedded targets during destructive processes.
Hiring our staff to perform BOTH your concrete scanning and concrete cutting needs will significantly lower your often unforeseen inspection and concrete cutting costs. If you need one more core to complete your project or one thousand cores we can help you.


Recent Core Drilling projects.

SFO/Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Plaza Building (San Francisco, CA)

(300) cores of various sizes through 24” thick walls and slabs.

BWI Daily Parking (Baltimore, MD)

(1250)  1.5”x  12” cores on Post tension beams.

Veterans Commons (San Francisco, CA)

(900) Cores for electrical and plumbing purposes through a 8” concrete slab.

Whole Foods (San Mateo, CA)

(250) cores of various sizes through a 18” post tension slab.

Exploratorium  (San Francisco, CA)

(1200) cores of various sizes.