“I had the opportunity to build a restaurant from a cold shell. The biggest challenge was to core-drill all of the holes required for the plumbing in a 29” slab of concrete with post-tension cables running through it. I did some research with help of builders in the area and there was one company that was recommended above all others was Safe2Core. I contacted the owner, and after a brief meeting was convinced that he was the man for the job and that his company was capable of this daunting task. That was one of the best decisions that I made on the project. Paul and his team tackled the job with confidence and enthusiasm. The slab needed to be X-rayed from above and below and fifty holes needed to be cored from both sides because of the thickness of the slab. Design changes had to be made “on the fly” due to the location of the post-tension cables and other obstructions. Paul was involved with these changes and approached each challenge positively and with my best interest in mind. Despite the extreme challenges that we faced, Safe2Core persisted and completed the job in a timely manner and limited my expense as much as possible. I really feel that everyone at Safe2Core had the success of my project at the forefront of their effort. I cannot say that about many of the other companies that I worked with. Paul has become a friend, both of our businesses are thriving, and I owe great thanks to the Safe2core team for an exceptional job that was the gateway to the rest of my project. I recommend Safe2Core wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a Concrete Scanning professional and expert core-drilling experience.”
– Mike Sabina, Owner
St. Michael’s Alley Restaurant, Palo Alto, CA

“Paul, It was nice to work with you on the University of California Campus. Being able to call you with any issues we had and you being there to answer and resolve issues was really positive. The technicians you sent to the jobsite always conducted themselves in a professional and workmanlike manner and were easy to deal with while producing the outcome we anticipated. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism.”
– T.K. General Contractor, Pleasanton, CA
Senior Superintendent.

“Safe2Core is my “go to” scanning contractor. There are other available, but with Safe2Core I can trust the scan, they make my schedule and follow directives. I can point them to the work and they return with results.”
– R.T. General Contractor, San Francisco, CA
Senior Superintendent

“SAFE2CORE conducted Concrete Scanning using GPR for more than two years in our Condominium project in San Jose. Their inspection crews and concrete cutting workers successfully scanned and cut more than 2000 cores and anchors without damaging any rebar, pt-cables or conduits. Their expertise of post-tensioning was extremely valuable to the completion of our project.”
– P.G. General Contractor, San Jose, CA
Project Manager

“We used the services of SAFE2CORE in a mixed-used construction jobsite located in Oakland, CA. SAFE2CORE scanned, cut and chipped hundreds of locations in our 8-story building for the installation of our plumbing lines. SAFE2CORE was always on-time and their crews were safe and professional at all times.”
– B.B. 2nd Tier Plumbing Contractor,
Reno, NV

“SAFE2CORE’s Concrete Scanning and Concrete Cutting crews work alongside our 2nd and 3rd tier subs in our 450 unit condominium project in Dublin, CA. Our plumbing, electrical and HVAC contractors used SAFE2CORE to inspect all PT decks before any coring or chipping was done. SAFE2CORE’s service was impeccable. They inspected and cut cores in very complex structural concrete without damage to any pt-tendons.”
NASDAQ Listed Company